These are random ideas off the cuff, take them with a grain of salt.

General Tier

Supply Drop
Drop Pod call-in that supplies nearby allies with ammo/grenades/utility slot items, limited duration. Outfit experience gained when used.

Sunderer Drop
Call-in that drops a stock Sunderer on the field, no AMS capabilities.

Sticky Beacon
Beacon is now a grenade that sticks to first surface it comes in contact with.

Tactical Insertion
Entire Platoon is dropped onto target location at once, requires platoon of 13+. Ability would be extremely telegraphed, long cooldown. Players prompted to participate by pressing Y/N, when ability is activated.

Orbital Strike
Requires platoon of 37+. Extremely telegraphed, long cooldown, beam expands outwards, limited damage to Deploy Shield Sunderers.

Micro-Mines (Flash/Harasser)
Utility slot ability that dispenses small, low-damage AV land mines in the area.

Galaxy SAMS (Galaxy)
Allows galaxy to land and deploy, creating a spawn point for squad and platoon members, providing a resupply terminal, and deploying wing-shields.

Squad Unity
Squad leader’s equipped implant will now provide its benefits to all squadmates.

Specialty Tier 1

MAX Harness (Valkyrie) – Combined Arms/Infantry Outfits
Defense Certification that removes two rumble seats, leaving room for up to one MAX unit on either side.

Vertical Thrusters (Flash) – Combined Arms/Infantry Outfits
Utility Slot certification that provides the Flash with Light Assault style jump jets.

Safety Precautions (Engineer) – Infantry Outfits
Engineers will not die immediately when their deployable turrets are destroyed while manned, they will instead take a moderate amount of damage upon turret destruction.

Fast Munitions (Engineer) – Infantry Outfits
Engineer Ammo Packs will now resupply squadmates with rockets/underbarrel grenades more quickly.

Quick Restart (Combat Medic) – Infantry Outfits
Revived allies will now always immediately start their shield regeneration.

Springboard (Light Assault) – Infantry Outfits
Light Assault unlocks Tool capable of deploying a small grav lift which may only be used by squadmates.

Decoy Sensor (Infiltrator) – Infantry Outfits
Decoy Grenades will now also provide Motion-Spotter-style detection of enemies nearby.

Infantry Support MAX (MAX) – Infantry Outfits
Defensive Certification that reduces damage nearby infantry take by 10%.


Co-Pilot (ESF/Liberator) – Combined Arms/Air Outfits
Upgrade adds one transport seat with built-in safe fall.

Emergency Fire Suppression – Air Outfits
Fire Suppression that restores less health over time, but slows (not stops) lock-on attempts while active.

Dive Chassis (Lightning/MBT) – Air Outfits
Unlocks Chassis certification for ESF/Liberator that uncaps diving speed.


Mobile Vehicle Bay – Combined Arms/Armor Outfits
Squadmates may now spawn Flash ATVs from deployed Sunderers owned by squad/platoon.

Lodestar (Galaxy) – Combined Arms/Armor Outfits
Chassis Certification that allows the Galaxy to pick up and transport squad/platoon vehicles.

Repair Field (Harasser) – Armor Outfits
Unlocks defensive certification that replaces Harasser’s rumble seat with an AoE vehicle repair module (similar to Sunderer’s.)

Ammo Resupply (Harasser) – Armor Outfits
Unlocks defensive certification that replaces Harasser’s rumble seat with an AoE ammo repair module (similar to Sunderer’s.)

Co-Axial LMG (Lightning/MBT) – Armor Outfits
Provides a forward facing LMG for the pilot, alongside the main gun.

Caustic Smoke (Lightning/MBT) – Armor Outfits
Unlocks Caustic Smoke utility slot ability. Causes lingering AoE damage to enemy infantry nearby.

Advantage Chassis (Lightning/MBT) – Armor Outfits
Unlocks Chassis certification for Lightning/MBT, better traction and hill climbing capabilities.



Specialty Tier 2

Weapon Sling – Infantry Outfits
Suit certification that allows infantry to equip a primary weapon in both weapon slots.

Short Fuse – Infantry Outfits
Each class unlocks grenade variants with slightly shorter detonation times.

AWACS (Valkyrie) – Air Outfits
Unlocks Utility slot certification that provides a shared engagement radar, reporting locations of enemy air vehicles within x range of the Valkyrie to squadmates.

A2A EMP (ESF) – Air Outfits
Unlocks ESF secondary weapon. Air to Air Lock-ons that remove enemy HUD and disables afterburner use.

Galaxy Airdock – Air Outfits
Defensive Slot Certification that resupplies nearby air vehicles with ammo and repairs.

Barrier Generator (Harasser) – Armor Outfits
Unlocks a Harasser secondary weapon that allows players to shield a target enemy vehicle from damage. As the shielded vehicle takes damage, Barrier Generator overheats.

(The stuff below could honestly be available to all players, and just have variants of these abilities available through outfit-only.)

Zealot Personnel Overdrive (VS Heavy) – Infantry Outfits
Slightly increases movement speed and damage output for a short period of time.

Hardlock Shield (TR Heavy) – Infantry Outfits
Shield with above-average regeneration even while active, but locks player in place.

Barrier Projector (NC Heavy) – Infantry Outfits
Quickly deploys a hardened waist-high barrier that lasts for a short duration.

Geist Cloak (Scythe) – Air Outfits
Scythe utility slot certification, allows limited cloaking (disables momentarily after receiving damage, doesn’t disable enemy lock-ons.)

Jammer Buoy (Reaver) – Air Outfits
Reaver utility slot certification, allows deployment of a floating “buoy” that disables lock-ons while pilot is nearby. May be destroyed/locked onto.

Burnout (Mosquito) – Air Outfits
Instantly resupplies afterburner fuel bar, but decays over time. Starts to regenerate normally once fuel hits zero again.

Hardpoint Defense (Vanguard) – Armor Outfits
Unlocks Utility Slot certification that passively (!) attaches small, but invulnerable armor plates to various points on the Vanguard’s body.

Bunker (Prowler) – Armor Outfits
Unlocks Utility Slot that allows Prowler to deploy into a fortified pillbox, providing a safe haven for allied infantry, while making the Prowler more difficult to kill from certain angles.

Phasing (Magrider) – Armor Outfits
Unlocks Utility Slot that allows Magrider to “phase” through allied vehicles and infantry for a few seconds, while also allowing projectiles to pass through them. While active, Magrider’s weapons are disabled.


Bases – Listed from shortest to longest cooldowns (potentially.)

Anti-Virus – Slows hacking attempts on turrets and consoles by 50%.

Early Warning System – Control Consoles now make nearby enemies appear on the minimap until the console changes hands.

Automated Repair (Landing Pad) – Base’s Aircraft Land Pads will now repair nearby allied air vehicles.

Automated Repair (Ammo Tower) – Base’s Ammo Tower will now repair nearby allied ground vehicles.

Advanced Terminals – So long as base is connected to a Tech Plat via Lattice, Vehicle/Air terminals may now spawn MBT/Galaxy from them, regardless of base type.

Turret Shielding – Unmanned (and undestroyed) turrets gain shields that mitigate damage done to them.

Counter-Attack AI – Unmanned (and undestroyed) turrets will fire upon enemies when attacked, but do so at a significantly lower rate of fire.

Spawn Priority – Outfit-owned base is now capable of being spawned into from anywhere on the continent.

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