State of the Game Episode 2

Had our second episode of State of the Game on Nov 7, 2014. In attendance we had [TIW]Klypto, [ECUS]ObtuseCanadian, and [PBRO]Wycliffslim. There was originally a possibility of having Kevin Moyer (Kevmo, a dev,) along for the ride, but that didn't pan out. This episode, we're talking about the vehicle game, and the special guests are all knowledgeable in those areas. ECUS, for example, is one of the only pure "Harasser Outfits" in the game, Wycliffslim is primarily a Liberator pilot, and Klypto mains a Vanguard.

We covered plenty of topics throughout, but there's still a whoooole lot we could have talked about, so look forward to more vehicle oriented panels in the future.

Got a new microphone, but turns out that it's wicked sensitive, so you'll hear some typing and... well, breathing, throughout the episode, but hopefully it won't turn you off too much. Future episodes I'll make sure it's muted, but this definitely feels like an improvement from last episode's audio issues.

If you'd like to check out the livestream, you can find that here:

I've also embedded the Podcast version for you below.

Future episodes will be listed prior to at, and if you have any questions or topics you'd like covered, post there!

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